Why Invest in Our Business for Sale Advertising Service?
  1) Not pricing the business properly will stop buyers in their tracks and won’t even bother making an inquiry. We provide sellers with the most up to date guidelines and rules of thumb, so your business is priced right without leaving money on the table.

2) Failure to properly advertise your business to a big enough audience. You need to reach a huge audience to get offers for your company. We have solved this problem by including multiple listing sites and social media.

3) Not allowing enough time for advertising to work. It takes time to sell a company and most give up way to soon. We offer an affordable solution that makes it economical, so you can advertise long enough to get your business sold.

4) Business lacks a memorandum describing the operation of the business and its financial condition. We include an easy to follow template so you can fill in the information about your company and have a professional presentation that gets companies sold.

5) Not analyzing ad performance (analytics) to know if changes need to be made. We supply sellers monthly analytics reports so changes can be made to advertising should it become necessary.

6) Selling a business is hard and requires very specialized knowledge and experience to do it properly. This is why we include weekly group coaching by professional accredited Intermediaries with years of experience that can answer any questions or get you unstuck.

7) Not enough knowledge to structure buyers are willing to pay for. This prevents many sellers from ever getting their companies sold. We offer a Document & Forms Library so you can structure your deal by filling in the blanks. This is not a substitute for an attorney but gives you documents for your legal counsel to review and add additional language as required to protect your interests. This usually saves legal costs as the structure of the deal is already done.
A fraction of the cost of a business broker

No one will know your business is for sale

Maximize your sales price

Sell in less time

Access to experts on a weekly group call so you are never alone

Help closing the deal

Advertised to over 2 Million potential buyers on the web and social media

You get the Rules of Thumb for your Industry to correctly value your business so you leave nothing on the table

Total confidentiality so employees, vendors, and customers don’t know your company is for sale

We send buyer Inquiries directly to your email because no one knows your business like you 

You will have an Accredited Business Intermediary to assist at closing
Don't waste your time and money with a Business Broker or trying to do it without the right help. Don’t spend time in a business that you are ready to exit. Get our Business for Sale Advertising Plan and get your business sold faster without the high price. 
Schedule a Free Consultation and Learn About Our Business For Sale Advertising Plan
We have made it easy to sell a company without a business broker. Get better results without the high cost. Selling a company has never been easy. According to Richard Parker of Forbes Magazine, 90% of companies offered for sale never sell. 

We have introduced a Business for Sale Advertising Service that increases success rates up to 90%. We studied why businesses don't sell and designed our service to avoid common pitfalls. It's more effective than traditional methods at a fraction of what business brokers charge.

Our Business for Sale Advertising Service includes everything you need to get your company sold. There are many places to advertise your business but they are expensive, and some don't work very well. We have researched for you with real-life data to determine the best places to get buyers for your company.

We advertise in the right places, but it is not enough to get the results you want. Selling a business is not easy, and most companies never sell; so we go beyond advertising to eliminate the most common reasons why companies don't sell.
One Time Investment $1995 $995 for 6 Months of Support  
1% Transaction Assistance Fee Due at Closing 

Listed on major business for sale websites:  Bizbuysell, Diybizeller, and Bizprofitpro 
National Exposure on the Wall Street Journal & USA Today Network 
Your listing will be marketed on The Wall Street Journal and USA Today 
Network websites, broadcasting your business nationwide. 
Targeted exposure to entrepreneurs on AllBusiness.com 
Local exposure to buyers across regional websites 
Your listing appears on local media partners throughout network websites. 
Network powers search on specialized websites, giving you exposure to serious business buyers. 
Social Media exposure on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin 
We supply all the documents you need to structure your deal  
Non Disclosure provided to maintain confidentiality from your buyers 
Industry Rules of Thumb Guidelines for your Industry 
Memorandum Template to prepare your business like a professional 
Ultimate Sell Your Business Faster Guide eBook
Managing Partner
Marvin White
Marv White sold his own business using a Business Broker and found the process took too long and was too expensive. He studied every step in the process to get a company sold and found that what worked for business brokers in the past no longer works today. 

The internet, social media and technology have changed the way businesses can be sold. Marv has taken advantage of technology to reduce the cost of selling a company while making it economical.

The Business for Sale Advertising Plan is the most efficient and economical way to get results. This plan requires work and is not for everyone. You must be willing to work to get your business sold for the most money while keep fees a fraction of what business brokers charge. Schedule time to learn what the Business for Sale Advertising Service can do for your business.
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